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International Championship Rules and Information

Mesajgönderen antking » 28 Mar 2016, 11:22

Welcome to the United Race League - a combined effort from, and SDG racing forums.

This will be a six race endurance series based on the real life European Le Mans Series (ELMS) using the URD PX1 Revolution and Kuno GT3 cars. Races will be on the same circuit and date as the real life. Please see schedule HERE

Once you have qualified for an event you must remain in that car for the remainder of the series. For these races only you are require to use your forum acronym at the start of your name. If you are representing multiple forums please choose one name. For example: "SDG AJ McDaddy", "CMS Kyle Busch", "SRTR Can Artam".

Depending on the size of the grid we may need to the Additional Pit Box circuits

Championship Server Name:
United Race League - SDG - CMS - SRTR
Server stats

The Championship Format:
Pre-booked server
Free Practice: 19:00 GMT +1
Qualifying: 20:00 GMT +1
Race: 20:35 GMT +1 (approx 90 mins)
Rolling Start (please read procedure)
Mandatory Pit Stop - Not mandatory (unless you need a wee wee)
Assists - TC/ABS - Factory, Stability control OFF. AutoClutch Available
Tyre wear rate - 100%
Fuel usage rate - 100%
Mechanical damage - 50%
5 second penalty - OFF
Pit Lane Penalty app V1.11 [Download] Race Config - download
Rear-view mirror - Optional
Championship Points (per class):

1st - 20
2nd - 17
3rd - 15
4th - 13
5th - 11
6th - 10
7th - 9
8th - 8
9th - 7
10th - 6
11th - 5
12th - 4
13th - 3
14th - 2
15th - 1

Driving Standards and other Regulations
Ideally you should use a mic/headset so that the lobby host can communicate with you during the race and in order for you to communicate your position to other drivers if necessary.*

We will be using TeamSpeak (StopDropGaming server address: and we ask that you use the push to talk feature to ensure minimal disruption to other drivers during race and qualifying sessions - talking can be quite distracting so please be respectful of your fellow racers. You may talk freely during practice sessions but please remain respectful of others.

We encourage close clean racing. Please be respectful of other drivers and exercise caution with reckless moves and over ambitious late braking/dive bombing.

As mentioned, calling your position when alongside another driver is encouraged to help reduce incidents and increase awareness.

To ensure maximum awareness of where other cars are, please activate your track map via the app menu. The use of Spotter or Helicorsa app is encouraged but as it is not enforceable it is not mandatory.

You may defend your position, but you are allowed only ONE move to do so, and it must be done safely. Weaving to block another driver will result in penalties.

If you take out another driver or gain a position as a result of making contact, that position must be returned as soon as possible or penalties will be applied.
Remember: It's on the chasing driver to make the overtake safely. That tempting gap could well have closed by the time you get there.

Please also be aware that this is a multi-class event so please do not block the quicker class cars.

Track Limits:
All the usual rules apply to extending the track limits, corner cutting and other means of gaining an unfair advantage. The track limits are defined by the solid white line - at all times 2 wheels must remain on the circuit unless it is not possible to do so - avoiding an incident for example. If battling with another racer and a position is gained by extending the track limits, it must be returned immediately.

The 5 second penalty will be disabled as it is unsafe and also unfair to a racer being forced to leave the confines of the circuit through no fault of their own (avoiding an incident for example). We will be using the Pit Lane Penalty app (Download) for the championship. You must have the app installed and active for every race. The series configuration ini file will be made available prior to the first race.

If you feel you have lost a position due to another racer gaining an unfair advantage (causing a collision or extending the track limits) please submit a claim within 24hrs of the race.

If you sustain damage during the course of a race you may drive back to the pits for repairs. This must be done under the power of your own car. You cannot use the 'ESC' and 'Back to Pits' option. If it is not possible for you to drive back to the pits under the power of your own car then you must retire from the race. This includes engine failure, mechanical failure or being stuck in the sand etc. If you use the 'Back to Pit' option during a race you will be disqualified from the race results and may incur a further penalty.

Rolling Start Procedure:
All racers are to line up in single file for the formation lap in their qualifying position.
Always stay behind the car directly in front of you until race starts.
Pole position dictates the pace but must not exceed 130kph / 80mph until exit of the final bend on the formation lap.
The race starts when the pole/pace driver crosses the start line for lap 2.
There is no overtaking before you cross the start line - it's deemed as an illegal pass and will incur a penalty.
Contact rules apply to warm up lap.
Claims Process

Claimant Name: [Your registered Steam ID]
Incident Type: [Collision / Illegal Overtake]
Round #:
Lap Number or Race Time of incident:
Info: [Example - 'XXXXXX' knocked me off the track at the 3rd corner on lap 6 and didn't return the position.]

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Re: International Championship Rules and Information

Mesajgönderen Taner » 31 Mar 2016, 15:43

Entry list:
Driver Entry List:

1 - [SDG] AJ McDaddy

2 - [SDG] Archii - LMP1

3 - [SDG] Brian B - GT3

4 - [CMS] Steen Nielsen - GT3

5 - [SRT] Taner - LMP1

6 - [SDG] Hako - LMP1

7 - [SDG] Petey - GT3

8 - [SDG] Venti - LMP1

9 - [SDG] Mangal - GT3

10 - [CMS] Dave Slee - GT3

11 - [CMS] Jon_Uyan - LMP1

12 - [CMS] Troy Uyan - LMP1

13 - [SDG] Friar - GT3

14 - [SRT] Serkan Kaplan - LMP1

15 - [SRT] alperakbilgi - GT3

16 - [SRT] aranelciryatan - GT3

17 - [SRT] EfeCan - GT3

18 - [SRT] ae22081977 - LMP1

19 - [SRT] Boundless34 - GT3

20 - [SRT] husman289 - GT3

21 - [SDG] Daniel Watkin - LMP1

22 - [SDG] Jeroen - LMP1

23 - [SDG] Bananaking - GT3

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